Swimming Team

On Sunday 13th October three cadets from 2425 Squadron went to the Central & East Region Swimming Championships as part of the South & East Midlands team at RAF Cranwell. On the day we came second overall with 110 points (out of six). Our junior girls had an excellent day. Cadet Madeline Mackay & Cadet Hannah Mackay represented the girls in six out of the seven events, taking two firsts; three seconds and a third*. Unfortunately the junior boys didn't do so well in their six events, our junior boys where rather small compared to those from other teams! However that didn't dampen the team spirit and a fun day was had by all.

* Junior girls results
2nd place in Backstroke (Hannah)
1st place in Breaststroke (Madeline)
2nd place in Freestyle (Hannah)
1st place in Individual Medley (Madeline)
2nd place Medley Relay (Hannah)
3rd place in Freestyle Relay (Madeline)

Report Courtesy Cadet Atkin

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