Two sisters, Cpl M. Mackay and Cdt H. Mackay, from 2425 (Nottingham Airport) Sqn have just come back from the National Marching Band Camp. The purpose of this camp was, at the end of the week, to do three live performances (in Portsmouth and Twickenham)  as part of a band made up of cadets from all over the UK.

Cdt Hannah Mackay reports;

 The actual camp was good, hard work but fun. We got up at 6:00 a.m. and had breakfast at 7:00 a.m. Then we normally had sectionals till lunch which was at 12:30. After lunch we rehearsed drill or full band. Once dinner, served at 5:00 p.m., was finished we had drill or full band depending on what they wanted us to work on. Then we had free time for uniform prep, going to the shop or other activities they had planned. One night was a Quiz Night and another was Open Mic Night (talent show). That was quite funny. Lights out was at about 10:00 each night. However, the days weren’t just music, drill, music, drill. There was one wonderful opportunity where we got to watch a passing out parade of a group of the RAF Airmen (and women) who had finished their basic training. That was Amazing! We were all looking forward to performing on Friday at Portsmouth. This was my favourite part of the week. It was brilliant to march on that parade square in front of HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship. It was a double honour because that parade square is sacred for the Royal Marines. We were only the second group of air cadets to march on that parade square. One of the other great things was all the people we met and all the friends we made.  Also, as a member of the Marching Band we will now be asked to attend other camps and workshops. Also, I am sure many rare and wonderful opportunities will arise where we can play. This National Marching Band Camp was absolutely brilliant and if you love music and enjoy drill this camp is the one for you.      

Written By: Cdt Hannah Mackay 2425 (Nottingham Airport) Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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