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We have introduced a 'mobile theme' which is automatically selected if you are using a phone or tablet. This theme makes the forum much easier to use on mobile devices.

The old desktop view is more suitable for PCs and some tablets. It is your choice as you are given the option to switch from mobile to desktop view and vice versa using a button or link at the bottom of the screen.

Forum Help

What is the 2425 Forum or Portal?

It is a private discussion area for staff and cadets.  This is the place to find the latest training programme and various useful downloads, eg letters to parents.

How do I sign up?

STEP 1) Via a link just above the login box or click here.

STEP 2) Then follow the instructions in the email to complete a form on our Downloads page, which must then be returned to HQ.

How do I get to the Forum login screen?

Click here.

What if I've forgotten my password?

Go to the login screen and click the link or button that says 'Forgot your password?" or click here.

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