Sherwood Lodge Visit

Cadets at Sherwood Lodge being taught about the dangers of firearms

In November 11 Cadets and 4 staff were made welcome at Sherwood Lodge where they had a tour of the Police firearms training facilities and armoury. The visit was hosted by a Police firearms training expert, who happens to be a staff member at our Squadron. Of course, weapons handling training and target shooting is part of the Cadet syllabus. As an extension to this training our Cadets were taught about the dangers of weapons and shown how Police officers are trained to react in high pressure situations. They were also shown deactivated weapons recovered from criminals and from previous gun amnesties.

Cadets had the opportunity to use the Police training system which involved use of a laser ‘weapon’ to knock down ‘plates’ projected on the screen in front of them in the shortest time possible. Cadet Woodier said “It was a very interesting visit and helped us to understand the dangers of weapons and what the Police may face. I really enjoyed the laser target shooting and did quite well but didn't quite beat our Sergeant!”.

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