Rempstone 2

One of the most popular events of the year with our Cadets is the 2-day Rempstone Steam and Country Show at Turnpost Farm, Wymeswold.
In line with our ethos to help community groups, we manage the car-parking for the show organisers, directing the thousands of cars that flow in each day. This year torrential rain hit the event and day 1 was unfortunately a bit of a washout. Even so, our Cadets braved the weather whilst getting soaked through, parking the trickle of cars on the Saturday. Although it cleared up by Noon the damage had been done and the site was waterlogged, preventing many of the parades and activities that should have taken place in the main arena. Although our Cadets were called upon tofill a gap and provide a display of their team-working skills with a ‘gun-run’.
Day 2 was much better and it soon became obvious that thousands had postponed their visit until the Sunday with a much larger than usual volume of traffic to manage. Added to this some parts of the car park became no-go areas due to the mud. Our volunteer Cadets and Staff coped admirably throughout, remaining cheerful and courteous to members of the public. Despite the pressure on day 2 our Cadets had a great camp and we look forward to helping next year.
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