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Our Squadron has continued to operate throughout the lockdown providing activities and training to young people in our communities. Of course, all actual face to face activities and parades have ceased, but using imagination and everyday technology we have continued in the best traditions of the corps.

We have maintained our weekly parades, but instead of meeting at our HQ these have been undertaken through linking up via computer and smart phones. In this way we have provided a variety of activities in virtual evening parades. We have run quizzes, lessons, PT sessions and Aircraft Recognition training.

Most recently the cadets received a presentation in deaf awareness and introduction to British Sign Language. We additionally invited cadets from across the Wing to take part in this parade and were joined on the night by cadets from a number of other squadrons. The cadets were taught to sign their own names, introduce themselves and the signs for family members.

The cadets have also undertaken aero modelling, with the staff producing tutorial videos to help many who have never built a plastic model kit before. We started with a simple Supermarine Spitfire and for the second build the cadets have moved onto a tougher RAF Red Arrows Hawk.


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