In early January five Cadets attended RAF Cranwell with the aim of learning how to safely fly a Vigilant powered glider using simulators. VGS Instructors began by teaching how to fly, making balanced, coordinated turns and the use of power and attitude to alter and maintain desired speeds and height. The Cadets quickly realised this was going to be a tough day. As they mastered the simultaneous use of stick to control pitch and roll, rudder pedals to control yaw and throttle for power, the instructors took them further. Pre-flight checks, lookouts, use of air brakes, stalling, taking off, flying circuits and landing. The day culminated in an assessment of the Cadet whilst they flew an entire circuit from take-off to safe landing. All five successfully brought their aircraft home and passed the course, receiving certificates and for the two best in each group the award of the coveted 'Bernie' trophy. See a 'landing video' on our Facebook page (address below).


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