“Having been given the exciting opportunity to do a solo static line parachute jump for my 16th birthday in January, I decided to get the most out of the experience and do a sponsored parachute jump. My aim was to raise £1,000 for the RAF Association and I had three months to achieve it, so I started to collect sponsors immediately. This definitely proved a challenge. 

 “In January my family and I arrived at Langar Airfield along with nine other people doing the same parachute jump as me. We had spent about 10 hours the day before preparing for this moment. After doing a refresher we were ready. I was very excited. I had to put on my parachute, jumpsuit, and helmet before going up in the plane. I was the first person to jump out in my group. I had to come through some clouds, but once I was out, the view was amazing. Jumping out of the plane was hard, and freefalling before my parachute opened was very scary. Controlling and landing the parachute was easy and very enjoyable. Later on in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to do a second jump which I couldn't refuse.

“This was a wonderful experience and a great way to remember my 16th birthday. I would like to do a parachute jump again and take it up as a sport. I have raised £909 for the RAF Association and I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me and showed support on the day of my jump. If you did not get the chance to sponsor me before my jump and you are interested in donating money to the RAF Association, I don't mind adding you to my sponsor form. I will really appreciate it (contact details below).”

 here are some photos from this exciting event in our Flickr gallery.

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