Mr Richard Dodge, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire County Secretary visited 2425 Squadron to explain more about the work of the Royal British Legion, the Squadrons’ chosen charity for 2012.
2011 was the 90th Anniversary of the Legion and the new motto reads
‘Shoulder to Shoulder with all who serve’

britishlegionMany people are unaware that the Poppy Appeal continues from the 1st October to 30th September each year and not just for a few weeks in the run-up to Remembrance Day on the 11th November each year. During the year lots of fundraising events take place including cycle rides, climbing mountains, walking, golf tournaments, jumping out of aeroplanes and even sitting in a bathtub of baked beans. In fact anything you can think of in order to raise funds.
Where does the money go? It goes to supporting any Armed Service Member and importantly their families as well. This can range from helping to cope with disabilities (both physical and mental), housing, a new washing machine, setting up a business, support for the families with providing short holidays and much, much more. The Legion is about caring and supporting people in times of need.
The symbol the Poppy was explained as follows.
The Stem represents Hope to many Ex-Service Members and their Families.
The Leaves represents Jobs. All the Poppies and wreaths you see are made year round by disabled Ex-Service.

The Red Petals represent Raising Funds. This continues all year by dedicated RBL Members.
And finally the Black centre represents Remembrance for all those who have served and continue to serve.
Mr Dodge explained that it is important that the membership of the RBL expands so that the work can continue. Cadets are encouraged to become Youth Members and some of the cadets showed an interest in training to be Standard Bearers.
2425 (Nottingham Airport) Squadron this is now your challenge for 2012 to raise funds for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

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