{gallery}images/news_Shooting{/gallery} Six cadets from 2425 (Nottingham Airport)recently gained their Squadron Marksman awards and one, Cadet Bell achieved his Region Marksman Award. Cadet Bell reported ‘I’ve always wanted to do well at target shooting and have been working towards this for my D of E Skill. I was hoping to be in the Squadrons shooting team for Wing Field day this and my Squadron CO has told me that I definitely am now.’

The cadets were trained by the Squadrons new Weapons Instructor and Range Conducting Officer Sgt Ben Walden ATC ‘I was always interested in Target shooting as a young cadet myself. I had to attended several courses to be able to teach and instruct our cadets on how to safely operate the rifles and feel a real sense of achievement and pride that so many of our cadets are now achieving in this’.

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