Cadets being briefed about the pros and cons of social media

Cadets and Staff attended a session about the pro's and con's of Social Media last night. The organisation is very positive about the use of Social Media and cadets were told about the beneifts to the organisation, such as positive publicity and recruitment, communicating events, etc. It was pointed out that Air Commodore Dawn MacCafferty, Commandant Air Cadets, is a frequent user of both Twitter and Facebook.

Cadets were shown this CEOP video that outlines the dangers of posting inappropriate material online and how easy it is to lose control of such  material. It also shows who young people can turn to for help if they have any concerns. They were also told how it can affect their reputation for years to come and how it can damage the reputation of the organisation. Cadets were also advised about appropriate and innapropriate interaction with staff through social media.

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